Akmal Alsagh


Akmal is an Associate at Terra Energy, where he works on various consulting and research assignments in energy transition and e-mobility.

Akmal is a Sustainable Energy & Business Consultant with solid experience and a background in mechanical engineering. He played a crucial role in many renewable energy consultancy projects in Sudan and Africa, highlighted by his contribution to a comprehensive market assessment study for the Sudan SMEs market with an emphasis on renewable energy, tech, and agribusiness sectors. Furthermore, he contributed to a consultancy project aimed to provide research briefing to identify innovative business models that can scale up renewable energy and electric mobility in six African countries. Akmal has an immense experience as a young researcher highlighted by co-authoring numerous published reports and articles on Sudan’s renewable energy market.

Akmal holds a BEng in Mechanical Engineering from Karary University, Sudan.

He can be reached at: akmal@terraenergi.co