Terra Energy


Diverse Expertise

We have broad expertise in energy transition projects, including engineering, strategy, and research.


Customer Oriented

We work collaboratively with our clients to achieve exceptional results and build long-term partnerships.


Driven by Ambition

We are driven by the ambition for a prosperous Africa empowered by its youth.

About Us

We are a youth-led consulting firm with a mission to tackle Africa's complex energy challenges

We work with intl. organizations, DFIs, philanthropies, government, and the private sector to develop innovative programs and initiatives that support Africa's energy transition.


Market Expertise

We have strong expertise in the renewable energy markets of Morocco, Sudan, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, and Rwanda.


Partners Network

We have a broad network of partner organizations, including EPC companies, legal advisory firms, and think tanks.


Knowledge Hub

We have a dedicated knowledge hub "Clean Energy 4 Africa" that provides news and educational content on sustainable energy.

Our Knowledge Hub "Clean Energy 4 Africa" has been featured in:

Our Services

to public and private institutions

Analyzing market trends, opportunities, and challenges in sustainable energy sectors.

Design, techno-economic feasibility, and due diligence for renewable energy projects

Supporting intl. companies and industry associations with market entry strategies and business development services.

Developing high-quality reports and policy memos for intl. organizations and philanthropies.

Implementing tailored training in sustainable energy to universities, government, and private institutions

Developing tailored programs for youth empowerment, capacity building, and mentorship.

Our Team

Dr. Mohamed Alhaj

Founder & Managing Director

Dr. Mohamed Alhaj

Founder & Managing Director
<img src="https://terraenergi.co/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/Mohammed01-300x300.jpg&quot; alt="" width="300" height="300" /> <h2>Dr. Mohamed Alhaj</h2> Founder & Managing Director Dr. Mohamed Alhaj is a young energy leader, a competent sustainable energy consultant, and an expert researcher. He is also the founder of Terra Energy's knowledge hub, <a href="https://cleanenergy4africa.org/">Clean Energy 4 Africa</a>. - which has been acknowledged by the UN as being among the top 98 youth initiatives globally that promote SDG7. Dr. Mohamed has strong experience in working with intl. organizations, utilities, and philanthropies in various energy transition projects in Africa and globally. He has worked with the Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund (AECF) and kFW Bank in conducting a comprehensive market assessment study for the Sudan SME Catalytic Fund, with an emphasis on SMEs working in the renewable energy and agribusiness sectors. He also worked with the Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy (BASE) in conducting a study on customer-driven business models that can scale up renewable energy and e-mobility in Morocco, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda, and South Africa. Furthermore, he worked for three years as a technical expert with the Public Utility Company in Qatar, where he took part in developing the national renewable energy strategy for the country. Moreover, he is a research consultant for the Energy for Growth Hub working on developing policy memos for the desalination market in Africa. Mohamed completed his Ph.D., at 28 years old, at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (Qatar) where he worked on developing a sustainable solar-driven seawater desalination technology. His Ph.D. research, which received several prestigious awards investigated the technical performance, environmental impact, and economic feasibility of solar-driven low-pressure thermal desalination, particularly for water-scarce countries. Mohamed also holds an MSc. degree in Energy Technology from the National University of Malaysia and a BEng. degree with honors in Mechatronics Engineering from the University of Nottingham. Dr. Mohamed is an expert in renewable energy research and has published several peer-reviewed papers in high-impact journals in the areas of sustainability, solar energy, desalination, and life-cycle assessment. He is also an editorial board member in UCL’s Open Environment Journal. His full list of publications can be seen <a href="https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=TZMPDJ4AAAAJ&hl=en&quot; target="_blank" rel="noopener">here</a>. He is also the founder and associate editor of the African Journal of Engineering & Technology. In addition, he has been involved in applying for four research grants under the Qatar National Research Fund (National Priorities Research Program), out of which two were awarded a total of $1.2 million. He is also a principal investigator for a research project on energy systems modeling and optimization, funded by the Qatar National Research Fund. Dr. Mohamed is a recognized expert in Sudan's renewable energy sector. He is the first-ever country contributor for Sudan in the Annual Solar Outlook Report (2022), published by the Middle East Solar Industries Association. In addition, he led the development of the Guide to Solar Energy in Sudan - the first consumer guide of its kind in the country, and also developed the first-ever database of solar companies in Sudan. He was also an invited jury member for Africa Solar Awards (2022), by the Africa Solar Industry Association (AFSIA). Moreover, he has participated as a panelist, a moderator, and a speaker in numerous intl. conferences such as UN Energy 2021, African Climate Week 2022 in Gabon, and COP27 in Egypt. In addition to his professional work, Dr. Mohamed is the chairman of the first-ever RES4Africa Foundation’s Youth Task Force, where he advises the Foundation in its youth engagement strategies. For speaking requests, coaching, consulting, or training inquiries, you can contact Dr. Mohamed at: <a href="mailto:mohamed@terraenergi.co">mohamed@terraenergi.co</a>

Saliem Saliem

Non-Executive Director

Saliem Saliem

Non-Executive Director
<img src="https://terraenergi.co/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/Saliem-226x300.jpeg&quot; alt="" width="226" height="300" /> <h2>Eng. Saliem Saliem</h2> Non-Executive Director CEO & Managing Director of Navitas Engineering & Contracting Graduated in October 1992 from Saint Louis University, Philippines, with B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering Power and M.Sc in Electrical Engineering, Trinity College and University in 2000, Delaware, USA, has been leading a portfolio of EPC Project Management in Electrical Grid Business that is covering six emirates in UAE, dealing with Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority, ADWEA, (TRANSCO, ADDC & AADC) Sharjah Water & Electricity Authority & Federal Electricity & Water Authority directly and through their several consultants (Lahmayer, Mott MacDonald, Electricite De France (EDF) etc.). Managing several projects with a combined value of over $500M. This position requires continuous interface with Government & Development Private customers for integration of project activities with several authorities, internal and external suppliers/subcontractors, and facility schedules. Other responsibilities include Funds/Baseline management, Tendring, cost and schedule performance reporting, financial analysis, and development of the annual operating plan. Additionally, this position requires excellent organizational, HSE, and team-building skills to support a division with multiple functions and requires multi-tasking in a dynamic environment that starts from tendering negotiation to closeout of contracts. Was recognized as the leading motivational employee in the Middle East by Siemens LLC in 2015

Akmal Alsagh


Akmal Alsagh

<p><img src="https://terraenergi.co/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/Photo_Akmal-Alsagh-283x300.jpg&quot; alt="" width="283" height="300" /></p> <h2>Akmal Alsagh</h2> <p>Associate</p> <p>Akmal is an Associate at Terra Energy, where he works on various consulting and research assignments in energy transition and e-mobility.</p><p>Akmal is a Sustainable Energy & Business Consultant with solid experience and a background in mechanical engineering. He played a crucial role in many renewable energy consultancy projects in Sudan and Africa, highlighted by his contribution to a comprehensive market assessment study for the Sudan SMEs market with an emphasis on renewable energy, tech, and agribusiness sectors. Furthermore, he contributed to a consultancy project aimed to provide research briefing to identify innovative business models that can scale up renewable energy and electric mobility in six African countries. Akmal has an immense experience as a young researcher highlighted by co-authoring numerous published reports and articles on Sudan's renewable energy market.</p><p>Akmal holds a BEng in Mechanical Engineering from Karary University, Sudan.</p><p>He can be reached at: <a href="mailto:akmal@terraenergi.co">akmal@terraenergi.co</a>   </p>

Margaret Tumpes

Marketing & Operations Officer

Margaret Tumpes

Marketing & Operations Officer
<img src="https://terraenergi.co/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/Naisiae-300x300.jpeg&quot; alt="" width="300" height="300" /> <h2>Margaret Naisiae Tumpes</h2> Marketing & Operations Officer Margaret Naisiae Tumpes is a renewable energy enthusiast and developer. She dreams of electrifying rural communities and agricultural production using renewable energy. She is putting efforts into taking chances in renewable energy spaces to learn and practice her skills. She is a final year African Leadership University student pursuing a bachelor's degree in Global Challenges. She is working with Terra Energy as a marketing and operations officer where she is responsible for various administrative and marketing-related activities.
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