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Our Project Experience

Terra Energy has worked on numerous projects covering energy transition, electric mobility, project engineering, market assessment, business development, and entrepreneurship in Africa.

Project: Consultancy services to conduct a market assessment, stakeholder analysis, and consultation for the Sudan small-medium enterprises catalytic fund – 2022 – in partnership with Tekno Consultancy

Terra Energy’s managing director, Dr. Mohamed Alhaj was the Technical Team Leader for the Sudan SME Catalytic Fund market assessment study, which was funded by kFW Bank. This project aimed to assess the challenges facing SMEs in Sudan that work in renewable energy, agricultural, and technology sectors and propose optimum interventions for the AECF based on the challenge fund model.

Dr. Mohamed played a key role in this project as the Technical Team Leader, managing all market research activities, stakeholder engagement, and organizing the project’s main validation workshop.

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Project: Policy memos on the desalination market in Africa – 2022

Terra Energy’s managing director, Dr. Mohamed worked as a research consultant for the Energy for Growth Hub, where he developed policy memos on the role of desalination in Africa’s energy transition. 

Project: Smart financing to scale up RE and e-mobility through customer-driven business models in Africa and the role of ESCOs – 2022 – in partnership with Electricity Lawyer

Terra Energy was assigned by the Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy to conduct a comprehensive market assessment study on distributed renewable energy and e-mobility in Africa. The study aimed to identify the technologies, sectors, national and international actors, business models, and financial instruments that can influence end-customers’ decision-making on using and adopting on-site sustainable energy solutions that already are available in Africa. This project focused on ESCOs and servitization business models.

Terra Energy’s role was to conduct desk reviews, market analysis, draft interview questions, and conduct interviews with govt. and private sector representatives, analyze and validate results of the economic analysis, and provide recommendations on optimum interventions by intl. donors in the selected markets.

Project: Techno-economic feasibility study for a 200 MW solar project in an African country – 2023

Terra Energy was assigned by an intl. company to conduct an engineering feasibility study for a 200 MW solar PV project in an Africa country.The objective of this consultancy is to support our client in conducting a detailed techno-economic feasibility study for a 200 MW solar project in Chad. The study will assess land suitability, grid connection requirements, plant design, equipment selection, protection systems, performance simulation, economic feasibility, profitability analysis, and risks and mitigation plans. This study will also support the client in securing partial financing through the trade of renewable energy credits.

Project: Narrative report on the potential, availability, and accessibility of
renewable and solar energy in Sudan – 2023

Terra Energy’s managing director was assigned by the German Development Cooperation (GIZ Sudan Office) to prepare a report on the potential of solar and renewable energy in Sudan.

Project: Feasibility study and business development consultancy for a novel concentrated solar power technology in sub-Saharan Africa – 2023

Terra Energy was assigned by a UK company (with funding from the UK Government through the EnergyCatalyst fund) to conduct a feasibility study and provide business development services for a novel concentrated solar power technology. The objective of this project is to support the client in conducting a techno-economic feasibility study for a novel solar power technology and design a pilot plant for implementation. Activities conducted include desk reviews, interviews, report writing, conducting a cost-benefit analysis, and stakeholder engagement. Terra Energy is also supporting the client in accessing additional funding from various intl. funding agencies in the UK and globally.

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